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The season that’s a blessing in disguise

NBA fans, this is not a joke. You are looking at the starting lineup of the Golden State Warriors. This is like trading in your Bentley for a used Ford. It can still operate as a car but not nearly as efficient as the luxury vehicle you’re used to driving.

This is the season of Warriors haters dreams. No KD, no Steph, no Klay, barely Draymond along with a litany of other new players who have sat out early this season due to injury. The jokes have been relentless thus far but as a Warriors fan (Still!) and a lifelong Bulls fan, I’ve been down this road before.

During the 2013-14 season, I dived head first onto the Warriors bandwagon. I, as many non-Bay area Warriors fans, saw the potential in this young group of guys who were playing at a high clip and giving their all night in and night out. The 2014-15 season solidified my fandom forever.

Over these last five years, I took a lot of heat from social media because I’ve always said they reminded me of the 90s Bulls. Chemistry, unselfish movement of the ball, ALWAYS feeling they can win any game no matter the score and of course, league dominance.

I’m sure if Twitter or Facebook had been during the 98-99 (lockout) season, I would have been trolled incessantly. *whew*

So many are saying the Warriors run of dominance is over, I say not at all. In 1998-99, the Bulls dynasty was over. Players weren’t injured, they were GONE. That was a huge shock to my psyche and probably caused slight depression.

But in 2019, the Warriors fate is not the same. Many fans, including myself, are calling this season the gap year. After playing 100 games a season over five years, you expect injuries (not this extent maybe) but you expect them. I look at this injury season as a blessing in disguise. There was a lot of emotional (KD) and physical issues the Warriors has to overcome this season.

Part of the reason I believe the Warriors started the season so poorly was Steph and Dray wanting to hold some semblance of prior years team with literally only them. Being thrust to the bottom of the league gives you that hunger back, the opportunity to prove critics wrong....AGAIN, and actually build a bench (that had gotten significantly worse over the last season).

Of course I would like to see the “Baby Dubs” win more games but what I have been surprised to see and is very encouraging are the Baby Dubs fighting to the end, not worried about making mistakes on the floor because the vets are out there but wanting to win as a new unit this year.


-Dlo stays

-Steph/Klay have a true Splash Brothers year

-Iggy returns (you heard it here first)

-Paschall will be a true star off the bench

-A few surprise moves to add some additional offense off the bench

-A WCF visit.....

My Warriors have the heart of champions.

They’re always counted out, even after winning 3 of the last five NBA Champions, have a GOAT candidate in Steph, and most importantly, chemistry.

So a message to Warriors haters and critics, the fat lady has not sung and the Dubs will still be a threat.

You can @ me....

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