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The Best in the West

Updated: May 5, 2019

Ok, I have to be honest....

The Warriors scared the bejesus out of me in the Clippers series! I expected a sweep but was forced to confront my emotions and faith in my team in a Game 6 match up.

Of course the mighty Warriors pulled out the series win but most importantly, it brought back that playoff intensity that Warriors fans have grown to love (and haters, well hate).



"I'm Kevin Durant, you know who I am"


Kevin Durant reminded everyone in the Warriors/Clippers series just exactly who he was. The Rockets knew and arrived early to the Bay to try and prepare to stop KD and the Warriors.

Ha! Not likely...

Game 1 saw the likes of Andre Iguodala go 14/4/2 which is always a good sign. As well as even contribution from Draymond, Klay and Steph.

KD was....well, KD. 35 points from the two-time Finals MVP.

But the biggest story wasn't the Warriors holding onto a Game 1 win but the refs.

Anyone want to guess who made the refs the story? Anyone?

Brace yourself....

The Rockets, who have arguably the biggest flopper in the NBA, made a federal case about the referees, missed calls, even going as far as releasing a report on their "findings" from Game 7 of the 2018 WCFs.

My personal hate for the Rockets organization is at an all-time high! These guys went 14/47 from the 3pt line but blame the refs. Go figure *facepalm*

With all that complaining, the NBA sent the Rockets most hated official (and arguably the Warriors too),Scott Foster, to officiate Game 2. It was over already....

Instead of missed call complaints, Game 2 was an injury game. Steph suffered a dislocated finger early in the first quarter followed by James Harden with eye injuries. Same result though......

Warriors up 2-0.


Photo Credit: ESPN


Only the Strong Survive

I may have been the only person, other than Blazers fans & Charles Barkley, who felt the Blazers had a really good chance of making it to the WCFs.


I'm not kidding anyone being a Blazers fan all of a sudden. But CJ and the Blazers proved me wrong early in the playoffs and fans haven't let me forget one second! I was forced to look at Portland as real contenders with the easy series win over OKC.

With all of that said, Portland and Denver seem very evenly matched in my opinion. Three games....and all have been decided by less than 10 points.

Last night's 4OT win (which I missed half smh) showed me a few more things about Portland...and Denver:

  1. I had totally written Enes Kanter off after playing with the bum Knicks but this dude has shown up every night even with a bad shoulder.

  2. As good as Jokic is offensively, he gets sloppy on defense, tries to flop to the line and gets tired too damn easily. (oh, did I mention dirty?)

  3. Dame & CJ are a problem....enough said.

I'm pulling for the Blazers so we shall see who survives this round

Blazers lead series 2-1

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